Search for a kiln – the final episode

Yes, I finally found one! So basically, I wanted a bargain, I wanted to feel like I got a good deal. So I stumbled upon an ebay auction that was nearly over for a Kilncare Hobbyfuser. I would never have searched for a Hobbyfuser in a million years, but it popped up on ebay as a suggestion! How luck was that?

Bidding ensued and I set my max bid, but when it went over by 40 quid, I thought I’d up it a little more. I was bidding until the very last second and got the kiln, extra shelf, bat wash and brush for a price I was happy with and £71.03 over my original max!

Of course, the saga now continues as I have to collect the kiln from the South coast, about a 3 and a half hour drive in a decent car, but I can’t take a decent car because it won’t fit – ahhhhh….. the ideas of the bargain kiln. Now they bite you. Not only will it not fit in my car (landrover is the only option) but it won’t fit on the workbench that my hubby built for me and it’s too heavy and bulky to left without a small army. So he kindly built me a stand for it, with shelves underneath for my tools!

Still, it is cheaper to fire than the planned Skutt (marginally) and I can get a lot more in there! Honestly, I’m so in love with it I don’t care !

2 thoughts on “Search for a kiln – the final episode

  1. I have a Skutt Hotshot, I love it. Let us know how everything is working for you…if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

    • Ah yes – this is a great kiln, too. I’ll be firing the Hobbyfuser when the garage is vacated by the bikers in there fixing things later and just make sure it powers on etc! I’m sure I’ll be posting more adventures! Just off to read about yours!

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