The waiting game…

The thing about kiln firing glass is that it is a bit of a waiting game, experiments take time and with my kiln (Kilncare Hobbyfuser), I find myself wanting to fill the thing up in preference of firing a half load! So at the moment, I’m treading the line between the glass wastage if something goes wrong and the electricity bill and time consumption to fire less glass in my experiments. Here is where I tried for a double whammy…

Fairly un-experimental you may think, but the lilac glass there is 2mm and the vanilla is 3mm, all capped with 3mm clear. Some scrap dichroic there and some minty striped cabs – they started life as stringers and where fused in a strip, cut into cabs and now going back in for full fuse again to round the edges.

Result – well, a bit disappointing, nothing that I shouldn’t have expected though – eh! We know that glass wants to be 6mm – so the pulling and bulging created in the coasters is to be expected – well, it is with hindsight anyway 🙂

Some disappointing results

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