Hmmm – what happened here then?!

So I got myself a “student pack” of glass from Warm Glass and have been getting some mixed results from some of the pieces. It’s essentially 10cm x 10cm pieces of glass, a jumble of colours, but some smaller pieces as well. I suppose they are off cuts, things that break and they parcel them up to give you some variety and then you get to try a bunch of colours and types of glass before you start getting serious about what you want to do.

Now that was all well and goo, I took all the pieces out and looked for inspiration and only one piece was marked as a striker (a piece of glass that changes colour – often dramatically when fired). So I was taken by this striker as the centre for a flower. But not really wanting to cut a circle, I decided for the old, put the flower on the edge of the piece trick ;o)

See what I mean here…dramatic centre of stamens, pretty lilac delicate petals on a soft vanilla coloured background…all pastels and soft hues.

But this is what I got!!! That’s a triple striker – see the lilac has gone deep pink, the vanilla is salmon pink and the known striker is a lovely deep red which on a true white background is actually a red/orange, but on the salmon – POP!!!!

2 thoughts on “Hmmm – what happened here then?!

  1. Were these bullseye glass because I think that cream was really the salmon pink striker from them…a friend used it in a bowl for her mother and I swear that is what it look like going in and coming out.

  2. Yes, they are bullseye glass, Julia. Looks like I struck out with 3 strikers! Only the corner piece was the marked striker…it’s what you get with the random pieces. Fun and exciting!

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