A pleasing whoopsie!

So, I have reached the end of my glass…no more until the delivery next week and it’s not a timed delivery because I am just too cheap. So, what to do? Hmmm, looking around there are options. Empty bottles! I want to try it anyways:)

So following sufficient research (found a very useful chap who has done this already and posted a slumping schedule). I started the process off choosing and preparing the bottles – now that’s not easy! You think that the labels are just on there with glue and a bit of soaking will get them off.

Well, that’s true for some of your cheaper brands, bear and wine bottles for example, the ginger beer bottle just slid right off. Then, came the one I was looking forward to slumping most – Hendrick’s Gin. I think they used 2 part epoxy of something! After 2 hours of soaking, picking, then scraping, I was left will glue covered marks. What to do? Twenty minutes of research later and a rummage in my hubby’s stash in the garage and I’m armed with WD-40, which just lifts everything straight off! Amazing.

Sitting in the kiln, they are all excited, lined up and ready to start their new lives as flat bottles.

Bottles for slumping

The schedule is pretty quick actually and it was a lot less than a full fuse time to wait. So when I opened the kiln, I had mixed emotions – what do you think?

So the three along the back row there, they all snuggled up and I have a pretty big piece of glass! It’s destined to be a cheese platter or similar, I suppose. The little one at the front was a miniature (2 glass) of Prosecco bottle that I bought for my friend on her birthday, now it’s a spoon rest for her.

To be honest, I should stop jumping in with both feet, this was to test the schedule really and for that it was a winner – the bottles are super-flat and they have very little air trapped at all. So mission accomplished in some respects. The wine bottle on the left is a really good size now that it’s slumped to b e and individual cheese platter. That’s what I’m going for next. Onwards – drink more wine please!

2 thoughts on “A pleasing whoopsie!

  1. Use to do this for customers in the studio, it’s nice if you can find bottles where the label is painted on, because it does not vanish in the kiln. Most people wanted it done because it was a bottle from their wedding or some other special occasion. Have fun:)

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