Well now, I don’t usually talk about personal stuff and especially about work stuff, so I want to be clear this nightmare was of my own invention in REM sleep and is by no way a representation that I am trying to make to people alive or dead. I do not have control of my sub conscious thoughts…

So I haven’t been sleeping well and have had night time terrors since childhood in stressful circumstances. Tough on the outside, wobbly jelly inside…that’s me. Things have not been easy in my life recently and so it’s to be expected (Appletini in hand as I write to help with this). This morning I switched off the alarm and took an extra 30 minutes – on purpose – because I had a bad dream in the night (perspective – I’m 39 years old!).

I’m in the company pub (we don’t own a pub) and my boss, my peer (manager same level also reports to my boss), another manager and a random person are sat in the corner of the lounge.

There is a buffet – it’s all free, but no alcohol in this pub and I am grazing.

Along comes a project manager (let’s call him Derek to protect identities) and the conversation goes thus:-

Derek: “Hey Jeannette, look at this” (shows me the below laminated picture – this is not the actual picture, the one I saw in my dream was the same one as the butcher shop two villages away from me).

Derek: (Has a blue sharpie on hand and the cuts of meat have names on them, they are not legible to me) “If your name isn’t on here, then you have no future with the company.”
Me: (Horrified face) “So are you saying if your name isn’t on there, then you will be redundant.”
Derek: (Angry, indignant face) “I can’t tell you that.” (Stomps off.)

I then return to the table, one person has a laptop and retell the conversation, of course everyone wants to know what names were on there and I couldn’t read any…

Man with laptop: “Well, I think I can explain that, I just got an email to tell me that me and him (points at my boss) have both just been made redundant”.

I wake up……go figure…

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