I haz orchid skills!

When I was in my teens, I had this dream to have an “apartment”; that was an American only term at the time. We called them flats, they are still called flats unless you want to increase the value by about 20% and then they are now called apartments. So in my room, I set up a living area (it was big room, we had a big house) with bookshelves and a sofa that I bought for 50 pence from the auction house and a TV. This was the opposite end of the room to my bed – very impractical…I couldn’t see TV from the bed, but it was more grown up that way. Anyway, most of the time I spent all the time I was watching bending the coat hanger in the aerial to make a snowy picture appear.

One other thing I had (because I thought that was what you did in apartments) was a cheese plant. It was lovely when I bought it, but after about 8 weeks my dad confiscated it for plant cruelty. I’m not very plant friendly you see! So I was a little surprised when Dad came over last year to the house, for the first time in the 18 years my husband and I have been together (another story there), with 2 orchids! I asked if he remembered the cheese plant debacle (which he didn’t) and I took them warily. I’d had a birthday recently and was given 3 other orchids as well!

This was actually starting to get a bit stressful – I was now a 5 orchid family almost overnight, with no idea about them and the onus that they were all gift! Since I was “brought up right”, gifts have to be taken care of.

So here I am a year later and they are all still alive! I learnt you water them infrequently – these are the plants for me! They like the boiled water from the kettle when that goes cold and they look awful after the flowers have gone, but if you just keep waiting….. this happens eventually…….


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