Wire wrapping – a new skill for me!

I had a lovely day yesterday with Louise and Trudi cutting glass, hanging out and lunching at my house. The snow had started to thaw, so the drive was accessible and I did a morning workout of shovelling the snow just in case. 

The work is in the kiln and it’s cooling down pretty quickly now, so we should see the results in a couple of hours, but more on that next time…

The new skill I acquired today was from the lovely Trudi Doherty at Glittering Prize who showed me how to wire wrap beads. (Bat and dotty beads by Trudi and the heart was in my prize box from Jeanie at Ceardannon).


After I was shown the technique, I sat watching TV and did a few more. (Hugo is a very good film by the way).Image

I was surprised how satisfying it was! I’m going to look at grandma’s old jewellery that is broken and try and see if there is anything to be rescued.

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