Posted in March 2013

Spectrum glass – experiment number 1

I wasn’t sure about using a glass with another *COE, I thought it was a hassle it would get mixed up and it would be different schedules and generally was not really on complication that I wanted. But then I saw this pattern…and I had to have it… Obviously that means that all of the … Continue reading

Trinkets and Treasures

This week I have started using decals in my fused glass, there are more experiments in the kiln, but this one has turned out very well. This small trinket dish is 10cm x 10cm and I suppose I thought it might be a coaster, but couldn’t resist slumping it to a dish shape to make … Continue reading

Organics part deux

Here is the finished article that I showed you the special glass for here, I really like the effect that it has and wonder about a blue tint on the top to be like water…next time.