About Me

DSC01012My name is Jeannette Copeland and I live in rural Northamptonshire. I didn’t always live here and have been lucky enough to do a little travelling away from my birthplace in Lincolnshire.
I did my Paediatric nurse training in Nottinghamshire, then popped off to live in Amsterdam and South Africa, landing on my mother-in-law’s doorstep when we returned and ending up settling in the area.

I work full time in IT now and spend my free time with my husband (Steve), friends, my dog (Bluebelle) and cutting up glass. Having located and purchased my own kiln in 2012, I’ve been experimenting with art and recycled glass and enjoy the creativity this gives to me as someone who is not very artistic. My dearest grandmother passed that on to me – she was always doing crafts and things “to pass her time on”. I suppose her generation often saw the fruits of their labour as the post-war era was “make do and mend” and she was something as well, of a gadget gran – though the technicalities often escaped her! Helping her, gave me skills I never realised, as you often had to learn to do something to help her start some new hobby or craft!

Hopefully, I can turn out some interesting pieces and keep you interested in my journey!

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