The monthly theme challenge over on Frit Happens was Organic. Which works out OK as I tried one of the tip sheets I downloaded from Bulleseye glass to create a pebble effect using Vanilla frit in coarse, medium and fine textures. It was mixed with 5% sunset coral powder and a spritz of water and … Continue reading

A bit more bling this time, please!

A lovely friend of mine commissioned 3 stars for herself and sister a while ago and I made them in clear glass with ribbons to match their home interiors. Linda then added some bling to hers with some gold swirls and gems. This is my blinged version with real silver flakes fused inside the glass. 

Loverly bunting!

How quintessentially English of me. One of my best pals who has a tea house in Brampton is a massive fan of bunting, for any occasion. I had an idea to attempt this in glass and what better way to celebrate valentine’s day than with bunting of love! This is made using fused glass and … Continue reading

Wire wrapping – a new skill for me!

I had a lovely day yesterday with Louise and Trudi cutting glass, hanging out and lunching at my house. The snow had started to thaw, so the drive was accessible and I did a morning workout of shovelling the snow just in case.  The work is in the kiln and it’s cooling down pretty quickly … Continue reading

Snowing, snowing!

It’s been snowing since Friday on and off, snowing all day today and now it’s snowing like it means it. The roads were clear when I went out around lunchtime today, but now it’s really coming down. The only problem is the drive and the road out of the village is very hard work – … Continue reading


Another new toy! Happily, this one came to us free of charge from someone de-stashing a workshop. It then became a bit like triggers broom as my husband replaced all the worn parts and brought it to a really great condition. He’s rigged up an old vacuum cleaner to collect all of the dust from … Continue reading

Sixties inspired

The monthly theme challenge on Frit Happens was “Sixties” and I had just the sample piece of art glass in my stash to do something that I wanted to try for some time. The glass was from a sample pack, and you may remember that I don;t always have good experience with those! But this … Continue reading

Out of my comfort zone!

So I decided to do something out of my comfort zone and ordered a starter pack for chaine mail. It was cheaper to buy the pack and get pliers, a little step by step book, container and rings than trying to work out the components and getting everything I needed. So here I am on … Continue reading

A gift from an Artist

A dear friend of mine, who came to us for Christmas lunch, gave me this original watercolour he painted of Fotheringhay Bridge. He is a super artist and I’m going to try and copy this in glass for him. Fotheringhay is a close village to us and is steeped in history, most notably Fotheringhay Castle … Continue reading

First and Last of 2012

So as we reach the end of the year, it’s a good time to reflect on the things that have happened over the last 12 months – they have, in fact, flown by. My first firing of my own kiln. My stepson’s first girlfriend. My first motorhome. My last birthday before I’m 40 (boo!). My … Continue reading