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Glassy gifts

This year (because I wrote a list – try it…Amazon’s wish list now allows you to add items not just from amazon and also allows you to add notes as well!) I got some lovely glassy gifts. There are a set of mosaic cutters, grozing pliers and new metal running pliers as well as 2 … Continue reading


I don’t really “do” Christmas, not that I’m all “bah humbug”, just that I don’t really want all that stuff to put up and take down again. The tree is really good enough for me to feel the Christmas spirit. So, it was a little surprise that on a glassy friends night out we did … Continue reading

Bluebelle, the yorkshire terrier-rist

She’s naughty and we love her:) Meet the hairy child, she is a pedigree Yorkshire Terrier from Antara. She loves lie-ins, people and dentastix – not always in that order. She doesn’t like the landrover and will turn round and go back to the house when we walk to that car…no thank you, it’s aircon … Continue reading

I haz orchid skills!

When I was in my teens, I had this dream to have an “apartment”; that was an American only term at the time. We called them flats, they are still called flats unless you want to increase the value by about 20% and then they are now called apartments. So in my room, I set … Continue reading

Slumping – Take 1

  I’ve been desperate to try slumping something, but I kept forgetting to buy some goggles for looking into the kiln. This is a 20cm x 20cm piece of Tekra glass with lilac opaque and a strip of art glass. First I fully fused the pieces together and then slumped into a mould covered in … Continue reading

Olympic Sailing

Weymouth is a loooong way from home, it’s also a long way from London for this London 2012 Olympics! There were predictions of massive traffic issues and if you look at a map you will see why, there is one road in and out of Weymouth. Debate ensued – should we even go and use … Continue reading


Well now, I don’t usually talk about personal stuff and especially about work stuff, so I want to be clear this nightmare was of my own invention in REM sleep and is by no way a representation that I am trying to make to people alive or dead. I do not have control of my … Continue reading