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First Craft Fair

First Craft Fair

Today I had a lovely day with the ladies at Deene Village Hall craft fair. Everyone was so lovely, absolutely wonderful crafts with a fab attitude and smiles all around. It was also a busy day with lots of visitors, which included Bluebelle! Here are some pics I Heart Shabby Chic organised the fair and … Continue reading

Triumph-esque glass

I met a lovely lady who is involved with The Stag Owners Club, who asked me if I could do something with the Stag Emblem. It’s quite a tricky shape and without a saw for cutting glass would not be something that I could do. So either I had to enclose something in the glass; … Continue reading

Spectrum glass – experiment number 1

I wasn’t sure about using a glass with another *COE, I thought it was a hassle it would get mixed up and it would be different schedules and generally was not really on complication that I wanted. But then I saw this pattern…and I had to have it… Obviously that means that all of the … Continue reading

Trinkets and Treasures

This week I have started using decals in my fused glass, there are more experiments in the kiln, but this one has turned out very well. This small trinket dish is 10cm x 10cm and I suppose I thought it might be a coaster, but couldn’t resist slumping it to a dish shape to make … Continue reading

Organics part deux

Here is the finished article that I showed you the special glass for here, I really like the effect that it has and wonder about a blue tint on the top to be like water…next time.


The monthly theme challenge over on Frit Happens was Organic. Which works out OK as I tried one of the tip sheets I downloaded from Bulleseye glass to create a pebble effect using Vanilla frit in coarse, medium and fine textures. It was mixed with 5% sunset coral powder and a spritz of water and … Continue reading

A bit more bling this time, please!

A lovely friend of mine commissioned 3 stars for herself and sister a while ago and I made them in clear glass with ribbons to match their home interiors. Linda then added some bling to hers with some gold swirls and gems. This is my blinged version with real silver flakes fused inside the glass. 

Loverly bunting!

How quintessentially English of me. One of my best pals who has a tea house in Brampton is a massive fan of bunting, for any occasion. I had an idea to attempt this in glass and what better way to celebrate valentine’s day than with bunting of love! This is made using fused glass and … Continue reading

Wire wrapping – a new skill for me!

I had a lovely day yesterday with Louise and Trudi cutting glass, hanging out and lunching at my house. The snow had started to thaw, so the drive was accessible and I did a morning workout of shovelling the snow just in case.  The work is in the kiln and it’s cooling down pretty quickly … Continue reading