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Snowing, snowing!

It’s been snowing since Friday on and off, snowing all day today and now it’s snowing like it means it. The roads were clear when I went out around lunchtime today, but now it’s really coming down. The only problem is the drive and the road out of the village is very hard work – … Continue reading


Another new toy! Happily, this one came to us free of charge from someone de-stashing a workshop. It then became a bit like triggers broom as my husband replaced all the worn parts and brought it to a really great condition. He’s rigged up an old vacuum cleaner to collect all of the dust from … Continue reading

Sixties inspired

The monthly theme challenge on Frit Happens was “Sixties” and I had just the sample piece of art glass in my stash to do something that I wanted to try for some time. The glass was from a sample pack, and you may remember that I don;t always have good experience with those! But this … Continue reading

First and Last of 2012

So as we reach the end of the year, it’s a good time to reflect on the things that have happened over the last 12 months – they have, in fact, flown by. My first firing of my own kiln. My stepson’s first girlfriend. My first motorhome. My last birthday before I’m 40 (boo!). My … Continue reading

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Glassy gifts

This year (because I wrote a list – try it…Amazon’s wish list now allows you to add items not just from amazon and also allows you to add notes as well!) I got some lovely glassy gifts. There are a set of mosaic cutters, grozing pliers and new metal running pliers as well as 2 … Continue reading


I don’t really “do” Christmas, not that I’m all “bah humbug”, just that I don’t really want all that stuff to put up and take down again. The tree is really good enough for me to feel the Christmas spirit. So, it was a little surprise that on a glassy friends night out we did … Continue reading

Slumping – Take 1

  I’ve been desperate to try slumping something, but I kept forgetting to buy some goggles for looking into the kiln. This is a 20cm x 20cm piece of Tekra glass with lilac opaque and a strip of art glass. First I fully fused the pieces together and then slumped into a mould covered in … Continue reading

A pleasing whoopsie!

So, I have reached the end of my glass…no more until the delivery next week and it’s not a timed delivery because I am just too cheap. So, what to do? Hmmm, looking around there are options. Empty bottles! I want to try it anyways:) So following sufficient research (found a very useful chap who … Continue reading