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Spectrum glass – experiment number 1

I wasn’t sure about using a glass with another *COE, I thought it was a hassle it would get mixed up and it would be different schedules and generally was not really on complication that I wanted. But then I saw this pattern…and I had to have it… Obviously that means that all of the … Continue reading

Hmmm – what happened here then?!

So I got myself a “student pack” of glass from Warm Glass and have been getting some mixed results from some of the pieces. It’s essentially 10cm x 10cm pieces of glass, a jumble of colours, but some smaller pieces as well. I suppose they are off cuts, things that break and they parcel them … Continue reading

Kiln try number 1

It’s easy to get a kiln, well, easy-ish depending on things like funds and expectations. But when that beauty is in your garage and you are faced with doing coming with the massive investment you just made, things start to get real! Having waited and waited, I had some cut glass ready for experimentation and … Continue reading

Search for a kiln – the final episode

Yes, I finally found one! So basically, I wanted a bargain, I wanted to feel like I got a good deal. So I stumbled upon an ebay auction that was nearly over for a Kilncare Hobbyfuser. I would never have searched for a Hobbyfuser in a million years, but it popped up on ebay as … Continue reading

Search for a kiln part 2

How frustrating, the perfect kiln plus many other studio related items, glass, moulds etc. was on eBay and the buyer removed the auction…I was bidding, watching and asked for buy it now…not much more to be done. Gutted! Onwards!

The search for a kiln

So having enjoyed my glassfusing course, I have come to the conclusion that I need a kiln. Travelling 100 miles round trip and paying postage makes no sense. So here is what I learned so far… You can never have to big a kiln, you will always want to do bigger things The options are … Continue reading