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First Craft Fair

First Craft Fair

Today I had a lovely day with the ladies at Deene Village Hall craft fair. Everyone was so lovely, absolutely wonderful crafts with a fab attitude and smiles all around. It was also a busy day with lots of visitors, which included Bluebelle! Here are some pics I Heart Shabby Chic organised the fair and … Continue reading

Out of my comfort zone!

So I decided to do something out of my comfort zone and ordered a starter pack for chaine mail. It was cheaper to buy the pack and get pliers, a little step by step book, container and rings than trying to work out the components and getting everything I needed. So here I am on … Continue reading

Silversmithing for instant gratification

I had the pleasure of spending the day with George Harper of by georgeĀ for a silversmithing course. I have been an admirer of her pieces for some time, but never found any mention that she may be prepared to give away her secrets! After George posted on a forum, I snuck a quick PM to … Continue reading