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Organics part deux

Here is the finished article that I showed you the special glass for here, I really like the effect that it has and wonder about a blue tint on the top to be like water…next time.

A bit more bling this time, please!

A lovely friend of mine commissioned 3 stars for herself and sister a while ago and I made them in clear glass with ribbons to match their home interiors. Linda then added some bling to hers with some gold swirls and gems. This is my blinged version with real silver flakes fused inside the glass. 

Silversmithing for instant gratification

I had the pleasure of spending the day with George Harper of by george¬†for a silversmithing course. I have been an admirer of her pieces for some time, but never found any mention that she may be prepared to give away her secrets! After George posted on a forum, I snuck a quick PM to … Continue reading