Silversmithing for instant gratification

I had the pleasure of spending the day with George Harper of by george for a silversmithing course. I have been an admirer of her pieces for some time, but never found any mention that she may be prepared to give away her secrets! After George posted on a forum, I snuck a quick PM to her to see if she did any courses – what joy, she did and had spaces available. Even better, the courses are 121 so we could  do whatever I wanted on the day!

It’s a really pleasant drive along the Fosse Way, an ancient roman road which strings together many places of interest and plenty of picturesque countryside and villages. It took a couple of hours to get to the Cotswolds and perfect directions got me to the car park and indeed, George’s house.

George is a beautiful person and I would have been happy just to hang out and have lunch with her, as a bonus she shared her skills for creating lovely jewellery.

My interest was in making a ring using a fused glass cabochon and learning to do some bails for fused glass pendants.

I’ll talk about the tools and techniques I used another time, but here is the ring I made – very chuffed! The cab is not mine, why didn’t I think about taking one!

cabochon sterling silver ring

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