Posted in July 2012


Well now, I don’t usually talk about personal stuff and especially about work stuff, so I want to be clear this nightmare was of my own invention in REM sleep and is by no way a representation that I am trying to make to people alive or dead. I do not have control of my … Continue reading

A pleasing whoopsie!

So, I have reached the end of my glass…no more until the delivery next week and it’s not a timed delivery because I am just too cheap. So, what to do? Hmmm, looking around there are options. Empty bottles! I want to try it anyways:) So following sufficient research (found a very useful chap who … Continue reading

Hmmm – what happened here then?!

So I got myself a “student pack” of glass from Warm Glass and have been getting some mixed results from some of the pieces. It’s essentially 10cm x 10cm pieces of glass, a jumble of colours, but some smaller pieces as well. I suppose they are off cuts, things that break and they parcel them … Continue reading

The waiting game…

The thing about kiln firing glass is that it is a bit of a waiting game, experiments take time and with my kiln (Kilncare Hobbyfuser), I find myself wanting to fill the thing up in preference of firing a half load! So at the moment, I’m treading the line between the glass wastage if something … Continue reading